fieramilano, Rho
15_18 SEP 2023

DESIGN DIRECTIONS - Fashion Forecast 2025

The multimedia route realised in collaboration with Poli.Design: suggestions, ideas and food for thought on the evolution of trends and contemporary costume in the coming years.



Thanks to the invaluable collaboration with Poli.Design, each edition of HOMI Fashion&Jewels offers fashion system operators the chance to discover future trends, both near and far.


DESIGN DIRECTIONS is an immersive journey through multimedia content, with the aim of offering companies and designers the new Forecast 2025 for jewellery and fashion accessories.


A story that not only investigated materials and shapes, but also defined real design directions, representing a unique opportunity to get ideas, indications and food for thought on the evolution of contemporary costume, suggesting new stylistic inspirations.


"DESIGN DIRECTIONS - Fashion Forecast 2025 draws the guidelines for the next two years for fashion jewellery and accessories. Research that not only investigates materials and shapes but defines design directions to interpret scenarios into products capable of expressing their DNA according to formal, material and technical customisation. They are real guidelines that HOMI Fashion&Jewels offers companies and designers to intercept markets and become competitive. "



ALBA CAPPELLIERI, Full Professor of "Jewellery and Fashion Accessory Design" at Politecnico di Milano

While waiting to discover the new Fashion Forecast with the September 2023 edition, take a look at the latest trends:




Beyond Bodies seeks uniqueness through extravagant and daring shapes that use the body as a source of inspiration. Silhouettes tracing anatomical profile, face ornaments and details of the human figure become the stars of this trend. A trend for people who like to leave their mark. Extroverted and curious about all that is unconventional, they use the body as a means of expressing their identity, in a continuous metamorphosis in line with contemporary aesthetics. The microtrends are: Mask, which explores the world of masks concealing the human face and making it unrecognisable; Section, which breaks down the body and uses its parts by transforming them into ornaments; Modify, a hymn to the continuous transformation of the body and Magnify, which investigates everything that is not visible to the human eye.





Tradition and innovation meet and merge to find expressive shapes in surfaces and volumes that look to the past and reinterpret it through contemporary solutions. Somewhere between curiosity for everything through new languages and ways of expression, and nostalgia for what is in the past, the Supercraft audience is led in its choices by its attention for social and environmental sustainability. The microtrends are: Handy, characterised by jewellery that looks back to the past and the value of the handmade; Techie, where technology is grafted onto processes and materials to give life to ornaments with surprising details; Sensitive, which shows a focus on sustainability and the recovery of materials, and Unbelievable, which amazes with unique colour combinations and shapes that seem to belong to many virtual worlds.


Fashion accessories trends are constantly transforming, influenced by the context in which we live and the eclectic creativity of designers: HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition since 2020 has been closely exploring trends to understand the evolution of consumer behavior.