fieramilano, Rho

In the future, Slow Renaissance and Inner Identity

HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition confirms its role as one of the main points of reference for the world of fashion accessories. On the occasion of the next fair, the event presents two concepts created in collaboration with Poli.Design that defined the future scenarios: Slow Renaissance and Inner Identity.

Slow Renaissance

Rebirth as a progressive enlightenment following the darkness of the crisis. Arts, science and culture flourish thanks to a return to classicism, a reference to the original, to the natural. A response to a period of darkness that investigates the resources of the individual, the digital and the invisible with the aim of regaining possession of lost time through the small daily joys.




Inner Identity

Irrational escapes and illogical behavior as a reaction to the crisis and to an announced decline. Habits and lifestyles are transformed into a distorted and silent parallel world, frightening, to be faced with autarkic behaviors to feel the need of the world as little as possible or with new apotropaic artifacts to resist the uncertainty of the contemporary.