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Future trend scenarios for fashion accessory


HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition confirms its role as one of the main points of reference for the world of fashion accessories. The event presents the concepts created in collaboration with Poli.Design that defined the future scenarios. 


Beyond Reality looks at Surrealism that shines with a contemporary aura to renew the relationship between the world and the individual. The dream, the irrational, and the unconscious take shape to be an escape from the concrete and an alternative to reality. A dream worls in which four main topics emerge: love ad the fulcrum of life, the dream and the crazy extravagance ad means to overcome the rationality and the indivudal’s liberation from social conversions.


Handle with Care celebrates the brauty of the body in all its forms to stem the search for perfection. Taking care of yourself is acceptance, discovery and the ability to value who you are. The body is a formal inspiration but also a user: it abandons constraints in favor of comfort, explores its fluid languages, tells about itself throuth accessories that reveal, emphasize it or make it shine, freeing itself from any taboo, it reveals itself for what it is or, sometimes, it disguises itself to deceive the observer.


Poptimism is the result of the fusion of popular and optimism and is developed in exuberant, vibrant and unexpected shapes and colors. Designed for an ageless target in love with sustainable beauty, Poptimism contains notes of joy and liveliness in every microtrend: have fun is based on the idea of play and fun; classic goes crazy looks at sculptures and paintings of the past, altering them with contemporary and ironic elements; zoom booms enhances the peculiarities of the details; more is more is a hymn to excess in its maniacally ordered but also chaotic forms.


Choiceland is the beauty of being free, the charm of being able to choose. Designed for Gen Z, it follows their love for sharing, self-expression and creativity. The fluidity and intersections that characterize Choiceland are developed in the following microtrends: hack the 90s subverts the ordinary in favor of surprising effects; antithesis emphasizes the splendor of contrast and diversity; broadcast leaves room for communication through words, drawings or textures; love is love celebrates love in all its forms.


Dreamscapes tells of dreamy, magical and imaginary worlds found in the small details of everyday life. Who are the people who inhabit these worlds? They are women who live with their heads in the clouds, romantic women who love to surround themselves with youthful objects, women who populate places that seem stolen from fairy tales and who wear extremely feminine clothes. A dreamy allure of neutral colours alternating with purple, pink, teal and blue in places, people and art installations that seem fluid and surreal.


The goal is to investigate the connections between the real and digital worlds. The contemporary tribes of this macro-scene are intrigued and stimulated by cultural exchanges; they strongly believe in sharing ideals and styles and in the value of collaboration in real and virtual life, lives between which they constantly move. This sense of collective belonging that generates strength and harmony is translated into neutral tones alternating with vibrant reds and yellows that express the energy of the generation.

Slow Renaissance

Rebirth as a progressive enlightenment following the darkness of the crisis. Arts, science and culture flourish thanks to a return to classicism, a reference to the original, to the natural. A response to a period of darkness that investigates the resources of the individual, the digital and the invisible with the aim of regaining possession of lost time through the small daily joys.




Inner Identity

Irrational escapes and illogical behavior as a reaction to the crisis and to an announced decline. Habits and lifestyles are transformed into a distorted and silent parallel world, frightening, to be faced with autarkic behaviors to feel the need of the world as little as possible or with new apotropaic artifacts to resist the uncertainty of the contemporary.