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Pasly Art Design

The Agri-jewelry

My name is Pasqualina, aka Pasly and I am an agri-designer, I transform the gifts of nature into unique and particular jewels and accessories. My story begins in 2013 with the first experiments and the birth of the Pasly artDesign brand. Since then my life has changed. I returned to Calabria, my region, to emphasize with my creations a territory very often on the margins. I have always loved living in full freedom of art and in the middle of the wild, so I combined my experiences as a master goldsmith and designer of fine jewelry with what I call a new vision of ethical and sustainable jewelry. I spend my days in the woods or at the seaside looking for materials, I also grow plants and flowers and transform them into works to wear. In fact my creations are "wearable works of art", original, elegant and refined, suitable for women and men who love to stand out. Berries, pine cones, woods, fruit pits, seeds, raw fibers and much more are accompanied by the color and sparkle of hard stones and metal. Wearing a Pasly jewel means wearing a story and an emotion that is different and fascinating every time, completely made in Italy. My creations have been appreciated and exhibited in Italy and abroad through events related to the world of fashion, entertainment and art. Many important awards and recognitions, such as the 2017 Green Oscars and the Made in Italy Excellence Award by the national young fashion designer chamber. There are also many publications in the national press and television presences.


For more information visit my website and follow me on the main social networks to be updated in real time. You can also write to me at the e-mail address for assistance and possible collaborations.


I am happy to have listened to my heart and I hope that this adventure will never end!